Closing an account

Closing an account

This page highlights some key concepts for those considering closing your AWS account. If you have any questions throughout the process, you can contact your account representative or contact AWS Support for assistance. For more information about contacting AWS Support, see Contacting AWS Support.

For details about closing your AWS Organizations accounts, see Closing an AWS account in the AWS Organizations User Guide.


If you have closed your Amazon account, you can reopen it by following these steps.
First, log in to your Amazon account and click on “Your Account” in the top left corner of the page.
Next, select “Account Settings” from the menu on the left.
Under “General Account Settings,” scroll down to the “My Account” section and click on the “Reset Password” button.
Type your old password into the new password form and click on the “Reset Password” button.
Click on the “Confirm New Password” button to confirm your new password.
Once you have successfully reset your password, enter it into the login form at the top of this page and click on the “Log In” button.
You will now be taken to a page that says you have been verified. Click on the “Next Step” button to continue.
Now, under “Your Account Details,” select “Amazon Services LLC.” from the list of companies.
Click on the “Delete My Account” link next to Amazon Services LLC. to delete your account.

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How To Restore, Reopen Or Reactivate Closed Amazon Affiliate, Seller, Buyer Or User Account?

Are you among the many who have been or were touched by Amazon’s upper hand and your affiliate, associate, kindle or seller or buyer account closed? Are you stuck and wondering how you can get back on board on this US based online shopping site? How about thinking of a way which can help you have things sorted out? Regardless what your status may be, may be reading this post might be very helpful for your concerns. Like you know, its better to know how things ended up the way they than living in total silence of not knowing.

For you who was affected when your Amazon seller, affiliate, buyer, user account was closed, I am sure you were emailed right away as it happens to many. Those emails from Amazon with account closure notice tend to be “surprise” like since they always come at a time when one isnt expecting anything like that. And like it happened to WAS (not real name), he got this below quoted message in the evening time. WAS shared with me how had been feeling that week before he got his Amazon account closure notice.

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That week, he had sold more than 8 Apple iPhone smart devices and his account was booming with earnings. He had already crossed the $600 during the first week of July being almost half of what he had referred and sold.

“This was my very first month to earn much money like that. My stats showed more than 30 gift cards with profits of $3 each, 8 Apple iPhones with $40 plus profit on each, and very many more other items I can’t recall – WAS shares”. Bit this email as seen below he recieved turned things the other way.

Dear Associate,
Your Associates account has come up for review in connection with our ongoing monitoring of the Amazon Associates Program. During our review, we have determined that you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement that governs your participation in the Associates Program and your Associates Program account has been closed. You will not receive further payment of advertising fees.
You are not in compliance with Participation Requirement Number 29 because purchases resulting from Special Links on your site have been for personal use, resale, or commercial use. Additionally, according to Operating Agreement Section 7, any Product purchased through a Special Link by you or on your behalf, including Products you purchase through Special Links for yourself, friends, relatives, or associates as well as orders placed by you for or on behalf of any other person or entity, are not considered Qualifying Purchases.
You can find the complete terms of the Operating Agreement, including the Participation Requirements and Linking Requirements, via this link:
We ask that you immediately remove all Amazon Content from your site(s). Any other accounts you have or may open in the future may be closed and you will not receive any advertising fees. We reserve all other rights and claims we may have.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Warmest Regards,

In this email, Amazon indicated that that “WAS was not in compliance with Participation Requirement Number 29 because purchases resulting from Special Links on your site have been for personal use, resale, or commercial use. Additionally, according to Operating Agreement Section 7, any Product purchased through a Special Link by you or on your behalf, including Products you purchase through Special Links for yourself, friends, relatives, or associates as well as orders placed by you for or on behalf of any other person or entity, are not considered Qualifying Purchases”. WAS says that this wasn’t right why? First, he had no relative, friend or family member who knew about his association with Amazon. He shares having not said anything to them about his participation at Amazon. No one knew about his sites were he shared amazon links. He disagrees with all claims well as Amazon word tends to be final.

How do you reactive, reopen or restore closed amazon account?

Now this is the BIG question many people who are affected ask themselves. And truth to be said, it all depends on ones luck to have his or her associate, seller, buyer or user account restored. The guides you see below are just recommendations, there are in no way any guarantee that you will have your account reinstated back.

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When I checked the different suggestions online by the different sites, I knew that it was a tag of war, or a hard task to convince Amazon to reopen a closed account. This is because in many cases, their decision if final and can never be revered. Many share having been recommended to reapply for fresh new accounts while others saying that one should just give up. Anyways, below is my own suggestions.

Know why an account was closed – Yes, this is very vital since it will help you know where and how to get started. In WAS’ case as seen above, he shared how he didn’t involve in any of what Amazon said. This means that there is a reason to appeal.

Review your status – It’s time to review your account status and see if indeed there is somewhere you did wrong. It is important to understand why you were closed and take full responsibility. This will help you know what next and what to tell Amazon in your appeal.

Appeal – This is when you need to draft your appeal, proof read it and get to the final. Be brief and state your reason as to why you would want Amazon to reinstate your account. Don’t tell them those hidden about you eg how you are poor and so forth, just be straight to the point and wait. Once you are done, submit in your appeal using Amazon’s contact us page. Oh yes, I have seen a lot of sites with strategies on how to write a killing appeal letter, you can google “amazon closed account appeal letter sample” and see how you can get started.

Wait to hear from them – Once you hot submit, wait for their response, and which can take some days. Depending on what you have been told eg if they reject, think about using a third party if you can. I came a cross a number of Amazon account appeal services online well as I am not sure of how they work. But you can give them a try if you feel so. Good luck.

If your Amazon account gets closed, you will no longer be able to access your account or any of the content that is stored in it. You will also lose any money that is associated with the account.

If you have lost access to your Amazon account, you can contact Amazon customer service for help. They may be able to help you recover your account.

Yes, you can reinstate your Amazon account. To do so, contact Amazon customer service and explain what happened. They will help you get your account reinstated.

If you have cancelled your Amazon Prime account, you can reinstate it by visiting the Amazon Prime website and clicking on the “Start your free trial” button. You will need to enter your email address and password to start the free trial.

There is no specific law banning the creation of multiple Amazon accounts, but it is against Amazon’s terms of service to have more than one account. Creating multiple accounts can lead to account suspension or closure.

Yes, you can reactivate your Amazon Prime membership. To do so, go to the “Your Account” page and click on the “Manage Prime Membership” link. From there, you can click on the “Reactivate” button to reactivate your membership.

To talk to a live person at Amazon, you can call their customer service number.

There are several ways to reach a human at Amazon. You can call Amazon customer service at 1-888-280-4331, go to the Contact Us page on and fill out the form, or tweet @AmazonHelp.

Yes, Amazon Prime does have a telephone number. You can find it on the Contact Us page on the Amazon website.

The phone number for Amazon is 1-888-280-4331.

If you have a problem with an order you placed on Amazon, you can contact Amazon customer service. You can call them at 1-800-201-7575, or go to their website and open a support ticket.

Amazon’s email address for customer service is [email protected]

Yes, Amazon may call you if they notice any suspicious activity on your account. This could include unusual purchases or login attempts. It’s always important to keep your account information secure, and Amazon takes security very seriously.

Amazon does not have its own email service. However, it does offer a way for customers to connect their Amazon account to an existing email address. This allows customers to manage their Amazon orders and account information from one location.

Yes, Amazon does offer 24/7 customer service. You can reach them by phone, email, or chat.

Pinpoint the Problem

Log in to your seller account.

Select the «Performance» tab and click on «Performance Notifications.»

Select the notice you received. It should include one or more specific reasons that your account has been closed.

Read the documentation related to the problem cited in your notice at Amazon’s website (see Resources). Amazon has specific, measurable standards it uses to calculate your Customer Metrics score. Amazon also posts its seller policies.

Review your seller history for specific transactions that may have triggered Amazon’s decision about your account. Look for extenuating circumstances you can use in your appeal. If you were, for example, cited for late deliveries, perhaps there’s an email record showing a customer provided an incorrect address and it took time to sort out the problem. If, for example, you were cited for poor feedback, maybe you can document a dozen transactions for which no feedback was left, but which you can show you filled satisfactorily. Amazon’s automated algorithms flagged your seller account because of a trend, not a single transaction, but these are examples of what you can look for.

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Close Your Account

Once your account is closed, it is no longer accessible by you or anyone else; you won’t be able to access your order history or print a proof of purchase or an invoice. This also affects related customer accounts, features, and services that are linked to your email address.

Closing your account means you won’t have access to:

To submit a request to close your Amazon account and delete your personal information:

  1. Go to Close Your Amazon Account.
  2. Sign into the account you want to close.
  3. Review the products and services associated with your account.
  4. If you still wish to proceed, select a reason in the drop-down menu, tick the box next to Yes, I want to permanently close my Amazon account and delete my data and click Close my Account.

Note: If you have multiple accounts, please follow the steps above for each of them to ensure that we have the correct authority to take action on each account you wish to close.

A confirmation notification will be sent to the email address associated to your account or via text message. You’ll need to reply within 5 days to verify your request.

If you are experiencing issues with logging into the account you wish to close, go to Why Can’t I Log into My Account? for further assistance.

Note: Once your account is closed, it is no longer accessible by you or anyone else, and it cannot be restored. If you decide later that you want to start ordering from us again, or if you would like to use website features that require an account, you’ll need to create a new account. To learn more, visit What Happens When I Close My Account?

If you have pending orders that you wish to receive, please wait to have them delivered before submitting a request to close your account. If you no longer wish to receive pending orders, please cancel them in Your Account.

If you have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, or have content stored or resources running on AWS, you’ll no longer have access to data associated with this account. If you close your account, your content will be deleted and can’t be restored, and active resources will be terminated.

We recommend you download and save any content that you haven’t already downloaded or saved before closing your account.

If you want to change your email address, remove a payment method from your account, or stop receiving marketing emails, you don’t need to close your account.

  • For more information on updating your account, go to Change Your Account Settings
  • To update or remove payment methods, see Manage Payment Methods
  • For additional information on how to manage communication preferences, go to Change Your Subscription Email

If you decide later that you want to start ordering from us again, or if you’d like to use website features that require a password, you’ll need to create a new account.

If an Amazon account is closed, the person will not be able to access their account. All of the data associated with that account will be lost. This includes all of the orders and purchases made, as well as any information saved on the account.

Yes, you can reinstate your Amazon account. If you have an Amazon account, but you’re unable to access it, then you can contact customer service and they will be able to help.

To reactivate your Amazon account, you’ll need to log into your account and click on the “Account Settings” tab. From there, you can select “Account Status” and then “Reactivate Account.

Yes. Amazon has a strict policy against customers using the service for anything other than personal use. In general, you can sue Amazon for closing your account if you have been using the account for personal use and have not violated any of their policies.

Amazon is a company that takes its policies seriously. If you have violated their terms of service, they will ban your account. They are not typically lenient with customers who violate their policies, so it may be difficult to get the account unbanned.
If you think there has been an error in the banning process, then try contacting customer service.

It takes a few minutes to reactivate an Amazon account. Simply log in and enter your password to reactivate your account.

Yes, Amazon can reactivate your account if you provide them with the information they request.

Your account will be suspended for a period of time if you violate the terms of service. The length of the suspension varies depending on the severity of the violation.

First, you have to find out why your account was suspended. Amazon may suspend accounts for a variety of reasons, such as having a history of violating Amazon’s policies or if they believe that you are trying to abuse the system. If you did not violate any Amazon policies and you have been using your account legitimately, then it is possible that Amazon suspended your account in error. In this case, all you have to do is contact them so they can reinstate your account.

You can appeal to Amazon by writing a letter to the Executive Customer Relations team. You can also contact them by phone or email.

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It is hard to win an Amazon appeal because the process is not transparent. However, there are some steps that can be taken to increase your chances of success.
The first step is to read the seller performance standards and make sure that you are meeting them. You also need to be aware of what type of violation you committed and how it might affect your chances.

The reactivation process can be completed in less than 30 minutes.
Log into the Amazon Flex app.
Tap on “Reactivate account.”
Enter your phone number and password, then tap “Submit.”
Confirm your phone number by entering it again.
Your account will now be active again.

How to Reopen a Closed Amazon Account

Whether you use Amazon for personal reasons or business ventures, if your account has been closed but you need to reopen it, you can. The process is fairly quick and easy, but it will require some documentation. Here’s what you need to do when asking how to reopen a closed Amazon account:

Step 1: Contact Amazon Customer Service

The only way to regain access to a closed Amazon account is to contact customer service. There are several different ways to do this, including by phone, through live chat, or by sending an email.

You get to decide which option works best for you when it comes to reopening your account.

Step 2: Answer Questions to Identify Yourself

After contacting customer service, you will be asked questions so that they can identify and verify that you are the account owner.

The documents you’ll need to provide will depend on which country or state you live in. When providing this information to the online seller, you need to meet some requirements, including:

  • The documents must be valid, meaning they can’t be expired, closed or revoked
  • The image must be in color and of high-quality
  • You have to show the full page
  • You can’t take screenshots; the documents must be scanned or a photo taken by a mobile device’s camera
  • The documents must be authentic and unaltered

These are just a few of the criteria that must be met when it comes to your documentation to reopen your account, even if you’re trying to gain access because “Amazon closed my account for returns.” Knowing exactly what Amazon is looking for before learning how to reopen a closed Amazon account is in your best interest.

Step 3: If They Can Identify You, They’ll Reopen Your Account

Once you’ve contacted customer service and provided them with the necessary information, if they can identify and verify that you are the actual and rightful account owner, they will reopen your account.

You can then go about your business and continue to enjoy the site for any and all of your online selling and buying needs.

It means that your account is no longer active and you can no longer access your Amazon account or any of its contents.

Yes, you can reopen a closed Amazon account. To do so, contact Amazon customer service and request that your account be reopened.

Yes, you can permanently delete your Amazon account. To do so, go to Your Account and select “Close Your Account.” Be sure to read the instructions carefully before closing your account.

Yes, Amazon deletes inactive accounts. In order to keep the site running smoothly and efficiently, Amazon regularly deletes accounts that have not been used in a while.

Yes, Amazon typically warns sellers before banning them from the platform. This allows sellers to correct any issues that may have led to the ban.

Yes, you can sue Amazon for closing your account. However, it is likely that Amazon will win the case. Amazon has the right to close accounts for any reason, as long as it is not a discriminatory reason.

If your Amazon account has been closed, you can appeal the decision by contacting Amazon customer service. You will need to provide information about why you believe your account should be reopened. Amazon will review your appeal and notify you of their decision.

Yes, you can reopen an Amazon account with the same email address. However, if you have previously closed your Amazon account, you may need to contact customer service in order to reactivate it.

It usually takes Amazon a few days to close an account, but it can take up to two weeks.

If your Amazon account has been closed, you can appeal the decision by contacting Amazon customer service. You will need to provide information about why you believe your account should be reopened. Amazon will review your appeal and make a decision based on their findings.

You can delete your Amazon account, but it’s a little more complicated than just clicking a few buttons. First, you need to contact Amazon customer service and request that your account be deleted. They will ask you a few questions to verify that you are the account holder and that you really want to delete your account. Once they have confirmed your identity and intent, they will delete your account for you.

Amazon is a great resource for finding and buying products, but there are some reasons you may want to delete your Amazon account. First, Amazon can be a privacy risk. It collects a lot of data about its users, which could be accessed by third-party companies or the government. Second, Amazon is expensive. It charges high prices for some of its products and services, and it doesn’t always offer the best deals. Finally, Amazon has been criticized for its treatment of workers.

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